During the past few months, a lot of people took advantage of their time in quarantine to use the Marie Condo method of decluttering. Homes are freshly cleared of items that no longer spark joy and local charities have reaped the spoils. My home and office have sadly not only not been Condo’d but also REALLY need organizing. Or a flamethrower. I’m still on the fence about the best way to tackle my clutter.

My bedroom closet is one of the biggest issues at the moment. I haven’t exactly been on top of removing items I haven’t worn in a year or more. I’m also guilty of holding onto things I’m hoping will fit once I lose a few pounds. Ok, it’s more than a few, but I still have hope. And logically, I know this is ridiculous because if I do drop some weight, I’m going to want new clothes. To be fair, it’s not that I haven’t taken clothes out of my closet to donate. I have 3 or 4 large trash bags full. They just haven’t made it out of my bedroom yet, which contributes to the overall clutter. The closet also is enough of an issue now to qualify as a “project” and between a general lack of free time and a lot of procrastination, it’s gotten overwhelming.

pile of clothes
Not my actual closet. Photo by <a href=""> Bicanski</a> on <a href="">Pixnio</a>

I’d like to say that the problem is just home, but this week our accountant has asked for some supporting documentation. Let’s just say I couldn’t put my hands on half of it easily. I had mountains of papers on my desk, with no method to the madness. Clearly, I have a problem and it’s on two fronts.

papers and books for taxes
Not my actual desk. Photo by stevepb via Pixabay.

Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t look like I’m going to have a big block of time to tackle my clutter any time soon. Oh, I’ll make time to deal with the mountains on my desk at work. It does bother me when I can’t easily find something I’m looking for and there’s always the “if I drop dead tomorrow factor” so I need someone else to find the important business things. As for the closet, I think for now I’m just going to shut the door until Marie Condo arrives.

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