Ahhh... the holiday season is upon us. A time when our thoughts turn to family, friends, our many to-do lists, and how our homes look. If you're like me, while you're crossing things off those lists, you're adding to others. That's right, the dreaded home improvement list. 

In case you were wondering, my kitchen floor still has not been replaced, and yes, those tears and gouges shine bright with fresh holiday cleaning. Perhaps I need to take a more festive approach and make them decorative. Perhaps a little glitter in the grooves to really make it sparkle for the season. Or maybe place a wreath around it? Or better yet, just place a tree on top of it. Who cares that I won't be able to open the refrigerator?

torn lineoleum
Just add glitter and voila! A new festive floor.

Adding to the list, my counters are cleared for flouring and rolling out dough. The knife marks from repeated slicing not on the cutting board could be decorative on the dough that's rolled over it. I just have to make sure it doesn't look like the Gingerbread people have emotional issues and have started cutting themselves. Nothing says the holidays like emo cookies.

The roof has also made the home improvement list. When you're up stringing lights with your adult child and feel the need to tell them not to walk over the indent in the roof, it might be a sign. We won't talk about the tiny bits of shingle that may or may not have broken off the edge as I was hooking the lights on. I'm sure that just adds to the less linear charm of the house.

ranch house with Christmas lights
You can hardly see the missing shingle edges with the lights.

On the bright side, you can cover many of the minor flaws with decorations. Walls need to be painted? Just move a piece of furniture to make way for the tree. Or better yet, add more trees for maximum wall coverage. Chairs looking a little worn? Throw a Santa cover over them. Drapes sagging? Add a little tinsel or holly swag. Consider only using candlelight to hide a multitude of sins. Actually, I'm really warming to this idea. Maybe I don't have to add things to my home improvement list... at least until the decorations come down in January.

lit Christmas with presents
Dim lights, large trees, and presents on the floor cover all kinds of flaws.


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