Investing in your employees is a critical part of any business. Beyond pay and benefits, employees need a safe environment (and one that fosters creativity in our case), good working conditions, and technology. Because I have worked in other companies where several of those critical items were missing, I constantly re-invest in the MSB Architects to ensure we create a successful experience.

One of our primary investments has always been computers because our software requires more robust power than most other industries. Over the last several years, we have continued to invest in technology with 3D animation software, 3D printers, virtual reality goggles, project management/accounting software, and software that maintains and tracks our project emails, Request For Information (RFI’s), and shop drawings.

conceptual design of church
A church concept we developed with animation software.

Three years ago, we made our most substantial investment by purchasing and renovating our own offices. This provided a space to foster creativity for our designers, including an open design studio, larger conference room, informal gathering spaces, a kitchen, a shower for those sweaty field visit days, a bigger fish tank for me (of course), and a swing for Janelle. Our new office was much larger than previous spaces and we needed to add lots of furniture. Unfortunately, the cost of renovation and this thing called COVID put a momentary pause on some final improvements until we got a new, larger conference room table last year. 

exterior of MSB Architects office
Our new home!

The improvements have been great for MSB Architects, but the designers still had a lingering desire for sit-stand desks. Happily, we finally replaced our older desks with maple sit-stand desks that match the wood accents in the building. However, due to supply chain shortages, we only received half the desks. No, not half the amount we ordered, half the desk. The desk fronts that conceal everyone’s legs (and their stuff) will not arrive until September. We relocated the old desks upstairs to fill some space, allow for movement, or for future expansion of our design team.

maple sit stand desks in design studio
The new sit/stand desks in action in the design studio.

The success of MSB Architects over the last ten years is partially due to the constant investment we have made in employees, first and foremost, but also providing a space that fosters creativity and the necessary tools to enhance the experience. I am always looking for the next investment to make working at MSB Architects a great experience.

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