Not to keep talking about the fire station, but I'm going to talk about the fire station just a little bit more, so please bear with me. We had our 3rd celebration of the new building yesterday-a ribbon cutting with city, county and state officials to make everything, well official. I also understand why we didn't just have one celebration, as each has had a very different and distinct flavor, which probably wouldn't have melded well together. While it's been exhausting, I'm really glad we did things the way we did.

One of the things I have been repeatedly asked is if we are done. The short answer is yes, mostly. While I still have a small project or two that needs completing, the building is done. What we aren't done with is moving in. Yes, the actual moving happened. However, we still have a lot of empty spots. We just have more square footage than we have stuff. We also haven't quite figured out where the things we do have are going to live. For example, our 3D printer is sitting on a cabinet upstairs. This is fine until someone needs to use it. Then we run cords across the room until it looks like the laser grid in a heist movie. We also have to bring in a stool or ladder because it's far too high to be practical. 

I still have a fairly long list of things we still need for the office. Some things will be easy to get as soon as I think we have the disposable income to buy them. But there are still things that we have to discover by "living" in the office. Clearly, it's going to be a process. So much like our multi-faceted celebrations, being done takes on different shades and meanings. I just have to remind myself that it's ok and in the end, I'll be glad it happened how it did. 

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