Today I bring you an update on the ongoing saga that is my kitchen floor. If you've been with us a while, you may have read my first blog about the floor in 2015. As you can see, we had already been discussing much-needed updates for a few years before I wrote about it. At that time, the floor had a well-defined walking path as if the kids were blazing a trail through the jungle, a V-shaped gouge that could double as a directional arrow, and a seam that doubled as a regular tripping hazard. Since then, we've added to the jungle theme with a little water damage that made the linoleum bubble. It was like a game of Jumanji was breaking out in the kitchen. 

seam in linoleum flooring
Do you dare try to cross the linoleum chasm?

As each new hazard arose, we considered our options. Three or four years ago, we had someone come to the house and measure the kitchen and laundry room so we could get an estimate. Progress! Much like in the original Jumanji film, we had to wait a bit of time before we made our next move. I'm not saying that another player didn't realize it was their turn and so we couldn't move, but Scott and I didn't make it to the store to check out samples until October 2020. We found one that we liked. It was different from the cork I had picked before and proceeded to do... nothing. Maybe it was someone else's turn again. Either way, we didn't make another move until December 2021 when we ordered the new floor and got someone in to adjust the cabinet over the fridge so everything would fit.

cabinet over a refrigerator
A little carpentry magic and voila! The space we needed appeared.

Obviously, with this game we were playing, even getting to the end wasn't smooth sailing. We thought the old linoleum would be removed but apparently not. Not a big deal, but if I'd known that, I probably would have mopped to make sure the old linoleum was clean under the new floor. Now the old dirt spots haunt me like "The Tell-Tale Heart." We also encountered snags with the dishwasher and the cabinet over the dryer. After the installers left, I switched games and phoned a friend(ly neighborhood carpenter). With his help, we got things back together again.

red stains on linoleum floor
Does anyone else hear these stains thumping from under the new flooring?

 As much as I was looking forward to the new floor, it also gave me moments of pause. What if I didn't like the finished product? What if I  love it and it makes my worn Formica countertop look extra sad? What if we rolled wrong and had an elephant stampede through the house? All valid concerns. And it does look like our next move is going to be a countertop project. Until then, I'm going to bask in the beauty of jungle-free flooring. Jumanji!

grey luxury vinyl tile flooring
Not a hazard in sight!


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