Memories... light the corner of my mind. Facebook suggested memories of the way we were. Ok, so it's not going to be a hit, but you get my point. Last week, my Facebook Memories showed me doing the "we got our first floor temporary occupancy" happy dance. It was a good memory and, believe it or not, that was two years ago. 

woman dancing alone
Doing my happy dance.

So what in the world does first floor temporary occupancy even mean? Well, first floor is pretty self-explanatory in a two story building. Temporary also makes sense on its own. The occupancy permit is a beast in and of itself. As part of what seemed like a never-ending construction project, getting the occupancy permit is key. It's the green light to make the space go from the construction zone to habitable. We checked all the boxes for safety. We were there. Except we weren't. And that's why we had those extra little words limiting us.

Because our fabulous stairs were completely custom, we couldn't order the architect-must-have cable railings until the stairs were completely built. It turns out those took a really long time to get and until they were installed, we couldn't occupy the second floor of the building. All of the sudden, it was like someone had waved a magic wand and the second floor was just gone. That was weird for me because I had been occupying the second floor almost since construction started. I understand that the new stairs weren't safe, but we did have a perfectly good alternative staircase that was original to the building.

men installing cables
The actual cable install.

Thankfully, the cable rails arrived and the second floor magically became part of the building again. Sitting in the building today, it feels like that day was both yesterday and a lifetime ago. My happy dance on this day let me see the light at the end of the tunnel and I knew that the building was almost done which was extra fantastic due to constraints with our temporary office. Two years later I can feel all the emotions all over again, so I have to say thanks for the memories, Facebook.

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