Perhaps I’ve spent too much time lately watching the news and social media. And not to be flippant about our current situation, but it occurred to me that after spending some time at home, you might be ready for some changes. I mean, Marie Kondo’ing will only get you so far and it doesn’t address everything. And it’s in that spirit I present the architecture you didn’t realize you needed until you had to self-isolate.

  1. Home office

Now I suspect some of you already have this one down, but if you only have a desk or some other uncontained workspace, you might be wishing for a home office right now. If there is more than one person trying to make a call or take a class at the same time, you might really want a couple of walls and a door. Preferably soundproof and with a big lock.      

  1. A Place for the Kids

With the kids home, it feels like space just for them isn’t just a luxury-it’s a necessity. Sure, we love our children, but that doesn’t mean we need to be attached at the hip 24/7. Call it a playroom, schoolroom, tv room, or good old-fashioned dungeon, this room might just be a way to save your sanity.

2 skeletons running in a dungeon
An exciting game of tag for the kids in the new "playroom."
  1. Fitness Center

Here in Maryland, the gyms are all closed, making an in-home fitness center something to consider for all of you looking to burn off some steam and calories at the same time. If you’re like me, this will double as additional closet space, as exercise equipment is a magnet for barely worn clothing.

  1. Toilet Paper Storage Room

Did you stock up on toilet paper and now are wondering where you’re going to keep it all? If so, a toilet paper storage room might be on your renovation list. Scott Bowen has a thing against square rooms, so we can design this room round to maximize storage capacity.

  1. Disinfecting Vestibule

Ever see those little areas on medical shows where people disinfect before entering a cleanroom? You know, you walk in and get 90 mph wind or a solid dose of UV radiation to get all the nasty little critters off you. Who wouldn’t want a germ zapper for the house?

spots and a bright light
If you're seeing spots, you know it's working.
  1. Hidden Wine Cellar

Ok, I saw this on Facebook a while ago and it apparently made an impression. And while in my head it was better camouflaged than in this picture, it’s still a great place to hide. And if it turns out to be the first place your family looks, hopefully, you will have had enough wine that it doesn’t matter. 

At this point, I don’t think we need to worry about protecting our home from invaders, which is a good thing. Aesthetically speaking, not every house can support crenellations, plus they are soooo 13th century. No need to break out the DIY home moat kit yet, unless you really need a new activity for the kids.

crenellations in a stone building
Do you think these crenellations make my tower look fat? Image by Scott Bowen


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