If you follow our blogs, you know that I've had my odd moments working and living with architects. For years, I thought it was just Scott, but when I started working at MSB Architects, I found out the hard way that it's not. If you missed those blogs, check out My Husband's MistressThe Allure of Board Formed Concrete, and Obstructed View to start. 

Just when I thought nothing could surprise me at the office, it happened. I came in one morning to find no one at their desks. Sure, that's a little odd, but not a complete anomaly. As I continued towards the stairs, I noticed Janelle sitting on the floor under the fish tank. Then I saw Brianna standing next to her. It didn't put a serious hitch in my step until I saw Mackenzie sitting on the floor by the conference room and Scott standing in the vestibule area. I must have looked confused because Janelle then explained, "this is the wall with the best light." 

three women looking at a wall
This is apparently the wall with the best light.

Sure enough, there were what may have been bits of drywall, flooring and I don't even know what leaning against the wall that they all seemed to be communing with. I glanced at the sample, mentally shook my head, and tried to accept the comment. I wasn't entirely successful since Janelle suggested this was blog material for me. This is not your typical office behavior. Who even knows about the lighting on walls, let alone the one with the best light? Architects, that's who. And this wasn't a brief impromptu meeting either because I went upstairs, unloaded my computer, got ready for the day, and was still able to go back down to get photographic evidence. 

samples of wall color, flooring and metal
The samples in question. If you listen closely, they might speak to you too.

I am starting to worry that working at MSB Architects is starting to warp my thought processes. I mean, after seeing this meeting, I did wonder briefly if we needed to re-examine the office lighting and if the wall space was adequate. Thankfully, I still recognize that not every office has meetings that center around a particular wall's lighting, so perhaps there's still hope for me. But if you hear me raving about lighting or walls, please stage an architecture intervention.

4 people at the base of the stairs
What? This is all perfectly normal.


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