picture of Joshua Kindred

Josh earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree from the University of Maryland and is a LEED Green Associate. His love of nature and fiscal conservatism has focused his architectural interests on sustainable design that emphasizes energy efficiency. 

Josh’s personal interests revolve largely around music and making things. He played marimba in his high school marching band, plays piano, drum set, is learning guitar, and is seldom seen without headphones on at home. Growing up in a DIYer family, Josh has been using power tools since he was very young. He enjoys recreating props and costumes from movies and video games (Stormtrooper helmet made from foam floor mats? No problem.) He made his own foundry furnace out of a propane gas tank so he could cast metal, and now he’s learning how to weld. He likes playing all sorts of games with his family and friends and has a deep love of Star Wars.

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