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As the daughter of an architect, Director of Interiors Valerie Harshman had design woven into her whole life.  Inspired by her father, Valerie decided early on that interior design wasn't just her passion, but an extension of her personality. Graduating from Thomas Jefferson University (formerly Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science) with Honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design gave her the foundation she needed as she began her career and helped establish the core philosophy for Valerie’s methodology—creating healing environments with saturated palettes that incorporate nature for a timeless approach.

Valerie’s work for Noelker & Hull Associates, Inc., began the development of a portfolio filled with acute and long-term healthcare experience culminating in Valerie pursuing and earning her certification in healthcare interior design.  Combined with her LEED accreditation, Valerie’s professional growth continued to enforce the trend of healing within design.  As a principal of AND Company for nearly ten years, the diversity of Valerie’s portfolio grew with a continued focus on healthcare, commercial, residential, and hospitality design. It also catalyzed the incorporation of an empathetic design approach into her work.

With a strong will to “pay it forward,” Valerie is the leader of a Girl Scout Troop enabling girls to participate in various community events, trips, activities, and, of course, cookie selling. She is partnering with Women in Need, to raise awareness of physical and emotional domestic abuse and other local welfare organizations to provide basic needs to children and families.

As the mom of two teenagers, Valerie is very involved in her children’s lives. From learning to play Fortnite to understand her son’s love of gaming to being a competitive Dance Mom, her children continuously expand her horizons and enrich her life. When she finds the time, Valerie's other passion is portrait photography, and she even has her own studio, Silent Moments, LLC.

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