The renovation of an existing warehouse, located next to the University’s Academic Center, into a 90,000 square foot administration building for the Finance Department of the American Public University System.  The Finance Center is three stories, with the second story open along the perimeter for increased natural lighting.  A centrally located circular atrium houses skylights that bring natural light into the interior of the building.  A large multi-purpose room located on the ground floor is designed for campus wide meetings and events.  The third floor features an elaborate meeting space for board meetings and special events.

Sustainable features include:

  • Materials with high recycled content
  • Regionally sourced materials
  • Large windows for natural lighting
  • High efficiency variable refrigerant HVAC system
  • Re-use of an existing brownfield
  • High SRI (solar reflective index) roofing
  • Low VOC paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and carpets
  • Photovoltaic solar panels on a canopy structure over the parking lot

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