Adding to the campus at American Public University, the IT Center tells the story of how technology has developed through architectural details. Starting at the exterior of this former warehouse, located behind the University’s Finance Center, this 40,000 square foot building has windows arranged in a Morse Code pattern. Upon entering the two story structure, one is greeted at the lobby reception area with lights reminiscent of Orion’s belt, a copy of the Voyager Record in the desk, and wood walls that contain an Arecibo message, similar to the one first broadcast into space. Also on the first floor is a large multi-purpose room with binary code etched into the glass. The building also features an observatory dome and telescope for the school’s science departments. The dome and telescope are fully automated, allowing remote control for professors and students studying the stars. The building is in review for a LEED Silver rating by the U.S. Green Building Council.

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