Frederick Community College (FCC) is located on a 94-acre campus in Frederick, Maryland. Since it's founding in 1957, FCC has grown from 77 to more than 16,000 students. Their mission is to serve a diverse learning population, with a wide range of ages and educational backgrounds, to include students preparing to transition to a four-year institution, continuing education, and workforce development.

FCC constructed the Enrollment Services Building in 2012, but it quickly became inadequate to serve prospective and enrolled students. The current space had one main entrance, which served as a bottleneck for student traffic. Once inside the building, students would become confused and frustrated when navigating the various departments through the enrollment process. Frederick Community College decided that a renovation was the best solution to create a better experience for their clients, the students.

The design philosophy for this building focuses on a positive student experience. MSB Architects’ design adds an additional entry, alleviating the bottleneck as you enter the building. Upon entering, the student’s first experience will be a large open space, with a centralized information station to better assist them. To further enhance the student experience, the narrow halls and compartmentalized departments were opened using glass to create light, open areas. This allows for better flow, enhanced aesthetics, and easier navigation. Additionally, the existing stair tower will be exposed on the first floor, for better visual connectivity to the upper floors.

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