Three existing Dundalk churches, struggling to survive independently, came together to form New Light Lutheran Church. They sold two of the three churches and selected one to be their permanent place of worship. In order to create unity, they chose to demolish their existing social hall and sanctuary and build a new look and feel for themselves. The existing facility has a prominent bell tower at the corner, which must stay, and their school building in the rear of the property.

To fill the void between the school building and bell tower MSB Architects design connects the two with an upwardly sloping curved roof toward the heavens. The plan curves with large vertical windows facing different angles. The light coming into the sanctuary will change throughout the day along the curved walls exemplifying their name, New Light. The social hall design is intentionally simplistic to avoid stealing any thunder from the sanctuary. A large glass entrance, at the joint between old and new, will provide a prominent main entrance, which the current design lacks.

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